Monday, January 3, 2011

new year new me

once again it's time for me to make a special appearance in my blog. I'm not a masters student anymore cos i had to withdraw before i kena buang... long story which is not my fault. anyways, if i weren't in malaysia, i would have a post grad diploma, but well, in malaysia, itu tak boleh jadi...

i'm not workin gfor san francisco anymore, but i still love the place, never ever regret working there. I'm back at RMH as the new Asst Chinese Restaurant Manager. i was offered to go to il primo, which if i had taken would be my ticket to kl... but i wanna work in hotel, marry my job & be GM :) that's plan B if i dun suceed in plan A which is to marry a rich dying old man.

i've spent all my salary already today cos my car break rosak or something like that which even if the mechanic cheat me i wouldn't really know... anyway, i can enter F1 race cos everybody who ever sit in my car before can't wait to get out :-) keheheheheh

Thursday, November 25, 2010

carls junior, day trip to kl

I went on a sponsored trip to KL that day. Sponsored in the sense of free transportation :-) anyways, it's been a long long loooooooooooooong time since i last blogged...

if i go kl, who else will i look for...

my 38 mini d sista! lol.... we went to Carl's Jr & of all numbers, we got the lucky 38 :)

mini d had a mushroom burger, i had a superstar

looks like ok but... super filling lo :(

chili cheese fries, a rip off.

my superstar, burger was good, but fries ah....

anyways, i bought a new pair of shoes!

by valentino rudy, so totally love it!

ss session while waiting for the stupid ever so punctual ktm

take 2

take 3

mini d solo

take 5

take 6!

stupid ktm still haven't arrived

ok, final shot :)

mini d in legend hotel lift :)

me & my mini d ^_^v

still super full from carl's junior... dun wanna eat there anymore.

on another note, i got invited to a food tasting session! sadly, it was in KL & i wasn't able to go :( I have always wanted to go for food tastings... when i got the email from my chef, i was super trilled, super honoured that he would include me in the food tasting session. wasted la... WASTED!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my car

i now have a car!!!! it's registered in my name (thought i dunno where the paper is, i think mummy's keeping it)... anyways, Big D is appointed as the official car caretaker ^_^v

sy - shen-ynn :)

my car my car my car!!

me, in my car

it's an atos


however, now i need to learn how to pump petrol & pump tire & all those nonsense :( tomoro i'm off so i guess Big D's gonna teach me how...

Monday, October 18, 2010

the working me

no pics to post cos i don't really like my uniform but am grateful that i actually have a uniform so that i don't need to think of wat to wear everyday =_=

i now work in San Francisco SteakHouse, under the Tai Thong Group (TTRB). Preopening kinda sucks cos it's really messy & stuff like that, but now, i kinda enjoy working there :) I'm a management trainee there so i kinda have a bit of "official power" now, unlike last time, i had "de facto power", which was kinda cool too. i have name cards too! it's on the way though, can't wait to get them & post it up here... i haven't had an off day since i started work on 4th oct.. wed would be my 1st off day for this week.

i bought a car! pics coming soon... i feel like getting my HP tx2 which i saw in harvey norman, cost bout rm2999... & i wan a blackberry too!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

tok su gung korean yummies

today would be the 1st day where by the whole family is together again. lunch would be our 1st family meal so mummy gave us a treat ^_^v

mini d & the belanjawan hari ini in the dress i bought for her ^_^v

so we came here to makan ;)

the fake yummies on display

Big d & zhen


me & mini d

mummy forcing ppl to take pic with her

mummy forcing ppl to smile, lol

korean tea

the cutleries now come in this wooden box

banchan & kimchi!!!


sizzling steamed egg

pork bulgolgi


yang bulgolgi, yummy yummy with rich sauce!

bi bim bap! i can eat it everyday!

pa jeon - i love pancakes la ;-)

so anyway, korean food at tok su gung has always been yummy ^_^v i love korean fooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!! so yummy! i wanna go korea!